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 Pug friends on  Large and Medium Critter Couch Classics

Spanky and Parker sharing their very first XL Classic Couch.  Now they each have their own couch!

Look at us cool dudes on our Critter Couch!

CRITTER COUCH Product Dimensions

        Critter Couch Dimension              

To help you choose the right size for your pet we have provided dimensions and a weight guide for a general rule of thumb.  All of our Classic Couches will easily support 200 lbs so no dog is too heavy!
Couch Size Seat Size Exterior Dimensions Weight Guide Step Up
        (floor to cushion)
Small 16"w x 15"d 26"w x 19"d x 17"h up to 15 lbs 6"
Medium 19"w x 18"d 30"w x 21"d x 20"h up to 30 lbs 7.5"
Large 32"w x 21"d 42"w x 25"d x 21"h up to 75 lbs 8"
XL 40"w x 22"d 53"w x 26"d x 23"h 76 lbs and up! 10"


Couch Size Seat Size Exterior Dimensions Weight Guide Step Up
        (floor to cushion)
Teacup 11"w x 9.5" d 20"w x 11"d x 10"h up to 5 lbs 4"
Small 15"w x 14.5" d 24"w x 16"d x 13"h up to 15 lbs 5"
Medium 22"w  x 18" d 34"w x 21"d x 15"h up to 30 lbs 6"

CRITTER COUCH Contemporary

Couch Size Seat Size Exterior Dimensions Weight Guide
Small 20"w x 16"d 22"w x 20"d x 12"h to 15 lbs
Medium 24"w x 20"d 26"w x 24"d x 12"h to 25 lbs

Exotic and Early American Day Beds (Dimensions)

SoftBeds (Dimensions)



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